Drake Invites Taylor Swift To Stay In His House After Stalking Incident, Did The Pop Superstar Agree?

Drake and Taylor Swift have been romantically linked to each other after the rapper's alleged breakup with Rihanna. But with what's happening right now, rumors that the two are seeing each other was further intensified. Did Drake really rescue Taylor Swift from her stalker?

Drake Acts As Taylor Swift's Superhero For Saving Her From Stalker

According to International Business Times, Drake was spotted comforting Swift amidst all the stalking issues that is happening. Swift was allegedly being followed extremely by Frank Andrew Hoover. The stalking started after Swift's concert in Austin last October.

With this, Drake have asked a number of his people to make sure Taylor is secured and well-safeguarded. According to a source:

"Taylor [Swift] being stalked and freaked out about it doesn't sit well with Drake. He's real heated that she has lunatics intruding on her personal space, and he's told her he'd personally send a few of his boys to keep an eye on her and be her bodyguards. He's definitely been comforting for her!"

Drake Invited Taylor Swift To Stay In His Place To Make Sure She's Safe

With all that is happening, Drake asked Taylor to stay in his very own place. Drake wants to make sure that Taylor Swift is kept safe and sound, never worried.

"He's even told her she's welcome to come chill at his place In LA for as long as she needs because it's safe, behind several gates and she'll be so secluded and out of harms way. She's thinking about it and Drake's really encouraging her to take his offer."

Inquisitr added that Taylor Swift should not think twice in saying yes to Drake's offer. The idea would also be convenient for them as they were reportedly collaborating with each other to produce good music. The two could use the house of the rapper to record songs and write music.

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