A Dark Energy May Rip Itself Off Causing A Total Wipeout, Is This How The Universe Will End?

Everything must come to an end as nothing remains constant, and that's just how things work in the universe. A recently concluded study now offers a hint as to how the universe might eventually come to its end. Most physicist claims that the death of our universe will be through a cold and gradual one. However, in the new research from Portugal, it was found that we may be in for a rougher ride than first thought.

The Dark Energy And Its Power To Rip

According to Daily Mail, it was found that previous studies has already discussed about the dark Energy. Experts believe that a dark energy is an enigmatic force that has the ability of gradually speeding up the expansion of the cosmos. Consequently, if this expansion continues, it is said that the universe will violently rip itself apart to a point of a total wipe out which experts call as the "Big Rip".

Studies have shown that the dark energy is so elusive that a bigger part of its mysterious component remains to be unknown. Currently, experts claim that our universe is made up of approximately 68 percent of dark energy which is found to oppose the force of gravity.

WCCF Tech has recently revealed that the said phenomenon is not as simple as one might think it is. It was said that the destruction of the universe and the possibilities with regards to the said phenomenon had been studied for years now.

Little Rip, Big Rip

For the new study, BouhmadiLópez together with his colleagues looked at three versions of the ripping namely the Big Rip, the Little Sibling of the Big Rip and the Little Rip. It was said that the big rip will take place if the universe abruptly rips itself into pieces at a fixed point in the future while the smaller versions happen more gradually. On the other hand, experts believe we wouldn't have to worry about the Little Rip scenario since it is not expected to happen for another 100 billion years.

Currently, the study finding remains to be a theory as of now as the paper is yet to go through a series of peer review. Moreover, experts highly emphasize that they could focus further research into how our universe may one day end.

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