Oscars 2016: Jackie Chan Wins Honorary Oscar After Long Time Of Waiting; Actor Gives Short But High-Spirited Speech

Jackie Chan has been one of the movie icons in the entertainment industry. He has created action-packed films that exemplified brilliance not just in acting but in the whole execution. With this, the actor received a Honorary Oscar for his decades of working in the industry.

Jackie Chan Receives Honorary Oscar, An Award Given To Those Who Exemplified Greatness

According to NBC News, on the recently concluded Governors Awards last Saturday, Jackie Chan receives his first honorary Oscar. This award was part of the things he wanted to achieve 23 years ago. The actor gave out a heart-felt speech during the award's night.

The Hollywood actor remembered the time when his parents would always asked him why he is not being given an honor despite of doing tons of movies. The actor stated:

After 56 years in the film industry, making more than 200 films, after so many bones, finally,"

Jackie Chan Didn't Forget His Hometown In Gratitude For The Award He Got

In addition, he also thanked his original hometown Hong Kong and his fans that endlessly supported him. He reiterated that they were the main reason why Chan chose to continue making films and doing his stunts solely. He even said that all his bones that were broken during the film production was worth it

"I continue to make movies, jumping through windows, kicking and punching, breaking my bones."

 Aside from that, Tom Hanks who introduced Jackie compared him to John Wayne and tagged him as "Chantastic".

A great number of personalities came in to the award's night. Here are some, according to Variety: Jeff Bridges, Viola Davis, Alexandre Desplat, Laura Dern, Joel Edgerton, Andrew Garfield, Hugh Grant, Ryan Reynolds, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Shannon, Sylvester Stallone, Emma Stone, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jennifer Todd, Vince Vaughn, and Michelle Yeoh.

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