Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue Will No Longer Be A Problem Thanks To a Firmware Update

Tech giant Microsoft has solved its Surface Pro 3 battery issue through a firmware update that has finally fixed a situation that could have become a huge setback for the company since a user previously reported that he was having problems with the device. This update allows the tablet to leverage maximum battery capacity without any problem.

It Is Unknown How Widespread Was The Battery Issue

According to the International Business Times, the battery issue was extremely worrying both for Microsoft and users, since the tablet seemed fine while it was plugged, but it ran out of energy very quickly when it was disconnected from the charger, which turned this incredible product from something great to something very similar to the rest.

Apparently, there were more users that were facing the battery issue on its Surface Pro 3, but Microsoft didn't reveal how much persons was having this inconvenient, which makes unknown how widespread this problem was. The company just said that it was a limited number of users, and explained that a team was trying to determine the cause and find the way to solve the battery issue.

Surface Pro 3 Is Now Able to Work Normally

However, it was later reported that it was an error that caused the charge of the battery unable to be reported to the device firmware and the operating system, which makes impossible for the battery to work normally and to charge to the full capacity. Fortunately, this update correct the logic in the firmware component and the battery capacity will be fixed over the next charges and discharge cycles, as it was reported by Ubergizmo.

The "System Firmware Update - 11/7/2016" is now being rolled out by the company for the Surface Pro 3, which has characterized for being one of Microsoft´s greatest devices that gave great revenues and allowed it to compete against the well-known Apple´s  iPad Pro, which is the biggest competitor in the market.

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