‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Spoilers, News And Updates: Details On Luke’s Jedi Training For Rey Revealed; Dismantles Light Saber, Builds New Weapon

The latest spoilers and rumors circulating around "Star Wars" episode 8 suggest that Luke Skywalker will train Rey how to be a Jedi Knight. These rumors also reveal some of the methods Luke is using to teach Jedi tricks to Rey. But a more intriguing rumor suggests that Luke will destroy a light saber in attempting to build a weapon that packs more wallop and power.

How Will Luke Train Rey?

Some of the "Star Wars" episode 8 spoilers and rumors suggest that Luke will take the roles of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda in "Star War" episode 4. Now it is his turn to train the young Rey. These rumors were based on the fact that Mark Hamill has already filmed some scenes for the upcoming movie.

Will Luke Be Half-Hearted In Training Rey?

Fans of "Star Wars" episode 8 know that Luke hid in his secret lair because of what happened to his nephew, Ben Solo. So the spoilers and rumors say he will be hesitant in training Rey fearing that the same thing could happen all over again. This is just like the first time he met Yoda who hesitated at first in training him.

A report from iDigital Times gives a hint that Luke will train Rey the same way he was trained by Yoda. Luke's initial training was portrayed in "Star Wars" episode 5. Luke is finally convinced to do this in order to stop the growing threat of the First Order.

Will Luke Build A New Weapon For Rey?

There are also rumors saying that Luke will dismantle a light saber while Rey is looking. This is revealed in a leak reported by the Daily Mail about a scene between Luke and Rey. "Luke takes his arm out and uses the force and pulls the lightsaber from Rey gently, her lightsaber floats through the air in between them, slowly going to Luke's hand as he grabs it," says the report. It added that at one scene, Luke holds two lightsabers - the blue one on his right and the green one on his left.

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