You've Got To See How Much This Fan Loves Zelda...Totally Amazing [Video]

There are fans and there are super fans, people who will do anything to prove their love for someone or something, whether it be a game, a toy, a movie, or an idea. Some fans will go even to the point of looking like the thing or person they emulate, which is quite insane. This Zelda fan is also insane, but in a positive way.

The fan nicknamed as Domino Guy created a record-breaking work of art using domino-like tiles to create a "painting" of the characters of "Legend of Zelda" game. The characters include Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and the King of the Red Lions (boat).

What's insane is Domino Guy's dedication in creating this stuff. He used a total of 78,175 dominoes. Some experts calculated that even if he puts each domino piece at a pace of five seconds each, it would still take him 6,500 days to create that work of art. If you can't imagine how long that is, that is equals to 270 days with non-stop work.

After completing the tiles, he let the dominoes topple and the result is not just a beautiful work of art but the whole process is simply mind blowing. It looked like the dominoes have come to life and fall perfectly on top each other. There are some parts where the dominoes emulate a splatter of paint, and the way it fell and scattered on the floor is perfect. It did not ruin the other tiles that were near them.

The background music is as fun as the video itself. It gives the sound of the falling tiles a relaxing feel to it. It has an adventure to it making those who watch the video watching Link go on an adventure riding the falling tiles which lead him to Princess Zelda. See the video below and prepared to be mindblown. 

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