New Ford Fusion Ad Features Sailor Moon; Is This The Weirdest Car Commecial Ever?

When Ford Motor Company and the world of anime combine, a Ford Fusion is born. They have done it before and they just did it again. This time, Ford came out with an ad for its new Ford Fusion and the spokesperson is none other than the legendary Sailor Moon. Is this the weirdest commercial ever?

The 'Ford Overdubs' And Its Purpose

A report from Comic Book stated that Ford has an extensive clip collection known as "Ford Overdubs". This collection consists of clips from the most iconic animes of all time that Ford then transforms into sales ads by dubbing them. Gizmodo reported that the nostalgic Ford Overdubs is part of the automaker's attempt to reach the "Member Berries" generation.

Gazing Upon The Stars

It's true. Sailor Moon really wants the new Ford Fusion. The new Ford Fusion ad showed Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) gazing upon the stars, checking out the constellations such as Sagittarius and Libra. She then suddenly spotted a constellation of the new Ford Fusion and gets very excited about it, saying how much she loves it. She further mentions some of the features of the Ford Fusion such as its sculpted exterior and its newly redesigned grille and wheels and says it's the most stylish car she has ever seen.

The Fusion Has More Than Just Looks

While Sailor Moon only looks at the exterior aspect of the Ford Fusion, her sidekick Luna reminds here that the car also has an amazing driver assist features such as pre-collision assist that is capable of detecting pedestrians and an adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go that helps lessen the stress in driving.

The Reality

Unfortunately, Sailor Moon can only fantasize about it as her sidekick mentions that she is not old enough to drive yet. She can only rely on her teleporting powers in the meantime to get from point A to point B.

Not The First One?

Apparently, Sailor Moon is not the first one to be dazzled by a Ford car as Captain Planet, Snake from "Metal Gear", Trunks, Gotten, Gohan and Krillin from "Dragon Ball Z" have also fallen in-love with one before her. While the Moon Princess is not the first one, hers is probably the weirdest one.

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