Watch Dogs 2 News, Update: Ubisoft's Next Game Might Have Been Hinted By The Trailer

Ubisoft just released another video of Watch Dogs 2 and fans have been claiming that hints about the next plans of the developer are unveiled in the video. Players are still trying to firgure out if the video inside the trailer will be a new game or not.

Watch Dogs 2's Latest Trailer Revealed A New Game?

According to PC Games, the latest launch video of Watch Dogs 2 just hinted Ubisoft's next plan for a new game. People are trying to keep their calm but it seems that the video on the trailer hinted something akin to No Man's Sky due to its setting.

Even people on Reddit have been trying to guess if the video shown on the launch trailer of Watch Dogs 2 is a clue for something exciting. The video is set on space that made them even more curious. The users are even saying that the type of music determines what will the story about.

Gamers have to wait for Watch Dogs 2 that will be out on Nov. 15 to check what the video is all about, according to Game Rant. If the guess of the fans are right, then Ubisoft is quite brave to reveal an upcoming game before making sure that its latest game will sell like pancakes. Then again, this might be a strategy by the developer in order to talk about the game.

What Comes With The Pre-Ordered Version Of Watch Dogs 2?

Watch Dogs 2 will be out on Nov. 15 for PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One. However, PC users have to wait until Nov. 29 for the game. The game's Gold Edition will include the Season Pass and deluxe packs.

The DLC pack for PS4 users who have pre-ordered Watch Dogs 2 will have the exclusivity of the pack for 30 days. However, if the player has pre-ordered the game and is planning to get the seasonal pass, he will have to pay $39.99 separately. 

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2 is creating a buzz even before players have the game in their hands. The video inside the launch trailer might have helped the developer to attract gamers to purchase the game. Hopefully, the game will earn great despite the low sales on pre-order purchases.

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