Next GTA 5 Online Update To Be Released Tuesday; What To Expect?

GTA 5 Online will be having another update this week after being updated in the past weeks. Rockstar is making sure that the gamers will enjoy the online version of the game with its newest update that includes secret bonus.

Rockstar's GTA 5 Online Update Revealed

Rockstar's next update for GTA 5 Online is accidentally revealed. The update is supposed to be released this week but the inclusions of the next update just got leaked before it goes live, according to Express. Also, secret cash bonus might be part of the update.

Another part of GTA 5 Online's update is a new vehicle and possible Adversary Mode. Three GTA 5 modes such as Deadline, Kill Quota and Lost vs Damned are rumored to be part of the update. The Pegassi Esskey might be launched on Nov. 15, but others are thinking that Rockstar will be saving it for another update.

If these rumor about the latest update for GTA 5 Online are true, then fans are considered lucky because of the new items and modes that will be part of the game. Also, players will be busy and be focused in the game because of the cash bonus. There are rumors about the final update for the game is to be released before this year ends or next year.

GTA 5 Online's Deadline And Shotaro

GTA 5 Online's latest and rumored adversary mode Deadline requires four players to ride the new Shotaro motorcycle. The update will give the players a chance to roam around the arena while the motorcycles are emitting a light trail that causes an explosion.

The Deadline mode will also help the players earn more cash and become more reputable than before. The new adversary mode will only last until Nov. 21 so players should grab the chance and enjoy the game while they still can. 

GTA 5 Online's next update is set to launch tomorrow, Tuesday. In the official announcement, it is expected that it will finally confirm the rumors about a cash bonus. Hopefully, fans will not be disappointed once the update becomes available.

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