Amazon Music Unlimited Comes To UK, Germany And Austria

By Sid Suvarna , Nov 15, 2016 07:33 AM EST

Last month, Amazon launched their music streaming service called "Amazon Music Unlimited" in the U.S. Now, the service is being launched in U.K., Austria and Germany. This is the first time the service is being launched outside the U.S.

The service from Amazon is competing directly with the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and several others. It gives consumers access to a collection of over 40 million songs for a certain fee.

Amazon Music Unlimited: UK, Germany and Austria

Amazon reported in a statement to TechCrunch, that the music streaming service is now live in the U.K. The service would also go live in Austria and Germany soon, most likely Nov. 14. Both Prime and non-Prime members can subscribe to the service.

For Prime members the service would cost $9.92 a month, whereas non-Prime users will have to pay $12.40. Users who own the Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa, can get a monthly subscription to the service for just $4.96. Prime members can also opt to pay $98.09 for an year of subscription.

Users with the Amazon Echo device can use Alexa, the voice assistant, to play songs, search for songs, start the free trial for Amazon Music Unlimited, search music by mood and create a playlist. Echo will also create personalized playlists for the user.

Amazon Music Unlimited In The US

In a Press release, Amazon mentioned that it has received very good reviews from U.S customers who have subscribed to the service. The company did not reveal any more details nor did it provide any numbers.

The service is not that different from what the competition provides, but there is the added advantage of owning the Amazon Echo and using Alexa to perform various tasks. Amazon has also redesigned the Amazon Music app to better suit artists and album art. 

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