Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Update: Getting Back Together; Ex-Couple To Be In New 'Twilight Film'

The couple separated in 2013 but it seems like they couldn't take their thoughts off each other despite both having new partners. This is following news wherein Stewart was spotted depressed over the rumored pregnancy of FKA Twigs and has dyed her hair brunette to get over the sadness.

At Least In Their Minds, Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Are Still In Love With Each Other

The 'Twilight' actress is said to be disturbed with the news that her ex Robert Pattinson and his fiancée FKA Twigs might be awaiting their first baby together, reports GameNGuideThis further hardens all the rumors of Stewart and Pattinson being still together by heart. If fans remember it, two months ago that Pattinson was also depressed after hearing about Stewart and her former girlfriend Alicia Cargile's coming wedding.

Now, with Stewart sad over the rumors of FKA Twigs' pregnancy, there is no other explanation. However, could it be a sign of them getting back together? The answer is unclear as neither of them has said anything about their expected reunion movie i.e. the 'Twilight' sequel that has huge possibility to reconcile them as well. In fact, insiders claim that Stewart has canceled the proposal as payback to Pattinson.

As for Pattinson, the rumors are strong that he was forced by his fiancée to instill her but it will not sort out their distinctions. Per the news outlet, their relationship has the bottom hard and despite this events that could make them "be together". Their wedding has already been canceled and the baby will not save their relationship.

Coming close to the Twilight Saga sequel, though it is not yet official, there are high chances that the movie will eventually push throughand might lead to the on-screen reunion of Bella and Edward. If this happens, it would provide a chance for Stewart and Pattinson to reignite their romance, on the other hand, Twigs fears about this Twilight movie reunion.


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