'Beauty And The Beast' New Trailer Will Give You Goosebumps

Beauty and The Beast just released its trailer and we are in for a show. The new movie is derived from the 1991 animated film from Walt Disney. This year, we will finally see the animated film come to life.

Beauty And The Beast Legacy

Probably the best animation from Walt Disney in history. Beauty and The Beast brought new dimension when it comes to TV animation. The producers attacked a different storyline providing the fans and kids alike with a new plot. Before, Disney was fond of reusing ideas and they just merely change the name of the characters and scenarios just to make it entirely new. With Beauty and The Beast, it's different. Bella met Beast not as the pretty prince but a scary, hairy creature. However, that didn't stop Belle from understanding and loving the Beast.

Why The Movie Took Time To Be Created

It was initially reported that the movie has been in production since 2014. Some fans were excited about the news and they thought that the movie will be released the next year. However, it didn't happen as anticipated by the fans. There are numerous reasons why it didn't panned out. First, location and production concerns. Although the director of the movie didn't elaborate the concern, he said that it is a vital issue if those concerns were not attended. Second, it took time to choose on who will play Belle, until Emma Watson stepped in.

The film is spearheaded by notable actors like Dan Stevens, Luke Evans Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, and of course Emma Watson. The voices of Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson will be showcased as well. By looking at the cast of characters, we can all say that it is a star-studded and full of undeniable talents. For now, let us enjoy the epic trailer of Beauty and The Beast.

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