Google Play Music Gets A Total Revamp To Bring The Style You Want

Google is rolling out a new version of their very own Google Play Music streaming service this wee. The revamped of the music app focuses heavily on context, around personalized recommendations and assistance. The playlists will be based on where you are and what you're doing. While playing music, it will filter messages and other notifications on your smartphone to have a smooth time of your sound trip.

According to Google itself, Google Play Music uses machine learning to figure out what music you like and then mixes in signals like location, activity, and the weather along with hand-picked playlists to personalize music for wherever you are and whenever you want tunes. Starting this week on Android, iOS and the web, the new experience will roll out globally (62 countries, to be precise).

Every time you, as the user, open the Google Play Music, it will completely refresh what you see to serve a unique selection. Tapping on the category you want will give you the playlist that will suit your mood. The interface, based on cards, feels a lot like Google Now, and so does the approach to just-in-time doses of pertinent information, in this case, the tunes you need.

"When you opt in, we'll deliver personalized music based on where you are and why you are listening — relaxing at home, powering through at work, commuting, flying, exploring new cities, heading out on the town, and everything in between," Google says in a blog post. "Your workout music is front and center as you walk into the gym, a sunset soundtrack appears just as the sky goes pink, and tunes for focusing turn up at the library."

As reported by CNET, the enhanced personalization falls in line with what we've seen with other music streaming services. Spotify has the Discover Weekly playlist that offers suggestions based on what you've previously listened to, and Apple Music has a "For You" tab that offers songs tailored to each listener. But for folks who use Google to manage their lives (calendar, email, etc.), the personalized music suggestions could be the most insightful of the music streaming bunch.


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