Stunning Saturn’s Hexagonal Storm Images Reveal Beauty Of Space

Saturn is easily the most beautiful planet outside of Earth in the solar system. This is in part because of its rings, which adds to its uniqueness. Even the band of clouds that are about the planet adds to this beauty. The stunning Saturn's hexagonal storm images reveal the beauty of space in general, which is something astronomers look for on the planet.

The hexagonal storm on Saturn is located at its north pole. Since it was discovered some 40 years ago, it has continued to fascinate astronomers and other scientists. The hexagonal storm itself has remained constant in its place, barely moving at all.

This is somewhat in contrast to the planet itself, which is always enveloped by clouds moving at different speeds. These cloud movements reflect the winds that are on Saturn, which are some of the fastest seen in the solar system. Winds as fast as 1,650 kph can be found on Saturn.

The hexagonal storm at its north pole is large. It is believed to be 32,190 kilometers wide, according to the Daily Mail. While it is stationary, winds within the storm can reach to as much as 400 kph. The clouds within the hexagonal storm are being moved by this high-speed wind.

What is even more fascinating about the hexagonal storm is that it changes color. The north polar region has been observed to change colors from blue to gold. This phenomenon has yet to be explained by scientists, though it is speculated that it could be because of Saturn's changing seasons.

What keeps the hexagon shape are the winds below the cloud level, as notes. This has also been simulated by scientists using a computer model to illustrate Saturn's hexagonal cloud. More analysis would be done to determine how the hexagonal storm on Saturn exists the way it is.

The images of the hexagonal storm have been taken by the Cassini spacecraft using a side angle camera. Professor Raul Morales-Juberias of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology said that numerical models have been able to reproduce some of the characteristics of the storm, but not all of it have been reproduced. The large hexagonal storm has also been found to rotate at the same time as Saturn's rotation.

Saturn would continue to be studied for years to come. Its beauty attracts astronomers, both amateurs and professionals alike. The stunning Saturn's hexagonal storm images reveal the beauty of space, as well as the mysteries it contains. Earlier it has been reported that Saturn's rings are made up of tiny ice particles.

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