Watch Dogs 2 Complete Guide To All Side Operations

Watch Dogs 2 has hidden side operations as you go through across San Francisco. There are some of them that are easy to find, and there are difficult too most especially when driving because you won't be able to use your hacker vision. Here's a guide on how to find all side missions on Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: A High Price To Pay

The first side operation is linked to the main operation. Hack Bobo Drakes' phone at his home in San Mateo. Proceed to another home to hack another phone, inflict virus on the laptop and computer.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Customer Service

This side operation allows you to mess up or just be good at people you bump into. You will be asked to test an exploit on ATM machines. You can mess up with the people you see around, or give them the cash after withdrawing from the ATM machines.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Ghost Signals

Another side operation can be started near the Fine Arts place in San Francisco. Use the entrance to enter the building and proceed to the back room. Complete a laser puzzle. Begin with the locked ones before the puzzle itself. Once done, let go of the drone over the bridge until you find the six dishes for you to follow. Erase history of the dishes.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Ubistolen

In Silicon Valley, hack a man's phone and he will leak some information. Go on top of the building using you hack ability, hack the box and you are now in the office. Get your reward.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Infected Bytes

Hack his phone to access this operation in San Francisco. Using the drone for easy search of the phones, but you can it yourself anyway. Be careful with the gangsters after you finish hacking.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Stolen Signals

This side operation needs drone to get you to the Tower because the Stingray is there. You can use the lift to get close enough to hack with your phone at the pier or use the stairs instead.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Whistleblower

After unlocking Stolen Signals or gaining at least 700,000 followers, you can do this operation. To access the bank, go around the building and climb the scaffolding. Change camera angles on the computer. For his home, use the lift to bring you on top.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Kickin It Old School

After Whistleblower operation, this will be unlocked. Find the jammer using your Hacker Vision at the dock. Proceed to the terminal right outside someone's house and hack his answering machine. Hack two phones-one in the enemy's territory, the other one from the range. Hack another person who'll show up. Use the drone to hack the phone in enemy's territory.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Shadows

In San Francisco, hack a phone in gang territory. Once finished, head over to the next hack point using the Rover to gain access. Proceed to more gang territories.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Pink Slips

Go back to the back alley and go up the hack point. Solve the line puzzle, hack the physical terminal and you will be in the building. Hack the laptop inside, then the PDA to complete the mission.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Proviblues

In San Francisco, look for the IT technician and hack his phone for the next objective. Head to the second target for the code. Enter an enemy territory to hack another phone. Once done, place virus on the laptop and leave. Look for the parking space nearby to hack something. Use the rover to get under the fence and open the door. Plant the virus on the terminal and the next objective shall pop up. Using any vehicle, stay close with the CFO and CEO until download completes. Do not kill them.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: The Name Game

In this mission, you need to stop a Dedsec member from being doxed. To do that, you need to hack a couple of marked telephone booths in San Francisco. Use your Hacker Vision to find the civic cent booth and hack it. Next, hack a booth using the back alley or drone. Next is a physical hack that needs you to solve a puzzle. Finally, in an enemy territory, two hacks can be done.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Fly On The Wall

This mission has something to do with the NSA in the enemy territory. You need to beat guys and use a lift nearby to transport you to the roof where a puzzle is waiting. Solve it. Hack the computer to show you the next target. At the next area, hack the terminal and phone to get the key.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Ripcode

In Oakland, head to the way marker and hack the box. Four more boxes show up and solve the light puzzles.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Oakland Side Op 2

Still in Oakland, hack a terminal and save a life.  Hack his phone to open the message. Get the neighbors attention. Once the neighbor is at the door, welcome to save the guy's life.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Paint Job

This side operation reveals when you get 270,000 followers. Use the lift to access the parking space for the mission.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Always On

In the outskirts of San Francisco, you can head over to the marker and use your strength to irritate a lady.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Operation: Bad Publicity

During the Cyberdriver mission in San Francisco, you have to climb up a building and hack the terminal.

Watch Dogs 2 is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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