'Beauty And The Beast' Director Compares Movie To 'Twilight'; Official Trailer Wowed Fans

In one of the recent interviews with "Beauty and the Beast" director Bill Condon, he compares "Twilight" with the movie in terms of feeling the same kind of pressure weighing on his shoulder. He explains that a movie that is as popular as this gives him a kind of responsibility to live up with the audience's expectation and making sure that he gets it right.

Condon reveals that the whole team was very careful in creating everything for the movie, including the dress, the setting and even the music in every special moment in the movie. The "Beauty and the Beast" director says "As long as you come at it with a certain affection, you just have to hope that your decisions make sense to everyone else."

In the "Beauty and the Beast" trailer, Emma Watson, who plays Belle, is seen in Beauty's iconic yellow dress and the live-action version certainly captured the essence of the animated gown. It didn't exactly copy it as it wouldn't look the same in real life but every inch of it will still remind fans of the gown's beauty and elegance.

Condon also revealed that they chose South of France as the location of the movie in the year 1740. They wanted to make the story feel very real so they chose the same geographic location where the original "Beauty and the Beast" came from.

And then there's the music. Condon promises to include each and every iconic song from the animated version of the live-action movie. He said the thought of dropping any of the animated movie's song never crossed his mind. However, he did reveal that the movie will introduce new songs to make specific scenes more real, and not just reinvented. Alan Menken is the man assigned to create the new songs which Condon describes as He's gone completely back inside the music he wrote the first time, and they fit in effortlessly."

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