Skype Now Allows Users to Make Calls Without An Account

Skype is introducing a new feature that allows users without an existing account to make free voice or video calls to anyone. Users can also start a voice or video group chat with up to 25 users and can chat with up to 300 people.

The new system works through an invite system, where a new user will have to send an invite to an existing user or another new user to chat or make free calls on Skype. No need to sign up for a new account to start a conversation on Skype.

Make Skype Calls Without an Account

Microsoft announced the new Guest Mode in a blog post earlier today. Making a Skype call without signing up for a new account is pretty cool. Users who do not use the service much, but need to make a quick Skype call, can make use of this new feature. Those who want to be anonymous can also use this method to chat.

Making a free Skype voice or video call without an account is easy. Skype will provide a unique link for the user to share with their contacts. The link can be shared via email or social media. Users, either with or without an account, can join the chat or call from any Skype client across its mobile, desktop or web platforms.

Are There Any Catches?

There are some minor catches, according to Engadget, but these are not that bad. The Skype conversation and link will only last for 24 hours. After that, the user would have to start a new conversation. The user would also need to open on a desktop browser to use this feature.

To make use of all the other features of Skype, such as calling a mobile number or Landline and using the Skype Translator, users would have to create an account. The Guest mode only supports free voice or video calls and chat.

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