Life Expectancy Of HIV Patient Now Perceived To Be Same As Anybody Else, Study Finds

In a recently updated analysis published in the November issue of the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, it was found that patients having the best quality of care for HIV infection is now expected to live as long as those who are uninfected. Nicolai Lohse, MD, PhD, DMSc, and Niels Obel, MD, DMSc has both claimed that for patients who have access to optimal care, it's not perceived as an issue of directly being infected anymore, but rather, the main barriers to a long and healthy life are lifestyle factors

It's A Matter Of Lifestyle And Not The Disease Itself

According to Medical News Today, records from the 2007 data shows that the chances of survival for a person diagnosed to have the said disease but are receiving HIV care in the Danish HIV Cohort Study were encouraging, but fell short of the general population. It was found that for a 25-year-old person with HIV infection not co-infected with hepatitis-C virus is perceived to have a life expectancy of about 63.9 years, which was still about 12.2 years short of that observed in a sex- and age-matched sample of persons from the general population.

Furthermore, when researchers used the same methods that were used in the previous study, the authors, both from Copenhagen University, Denmark have estimated median survival for persons aged 25 years in 5 time periods from 1995 to 2015. Experts have found that a person having HIV but is not infected with a hepatitis C virus can potentially live up to 73.9 years as compared to those persons with about 80.0 years of life expectancy taken from the general population.

HIV Early Diagnosis And Treatment Is Important

Thus, as Med Scape reports it, the authors of the study conclude that their study is for the sake of everyone's awareness. However, it was found that people in many parts of the world still are still unable to have the benefits from the most advanced form of therapies. Experts have also highly emphasized the importance of addressing certain barriers to obtaining this care. It is believed that through discoveries like this, it is more likely to put on record the benefits that we can expect with a strong focus on timely diagnosis, integrated solutions.

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