Twitter, Google And Facebook Urge Trump To Support Inmigration Reform And Strong Encryption

Tech giants as Twitter, Google and Facebook send on Monday an open letter to the elected presidential candidate Donald Trump, congratulating him for the victory and urging him to protect internet companies from liability content, and to support stronger encryption and immigration reform. The 12-page letter, which represents a policy roadmap for the next 4 years, was made by the Internet Association, whose members also include LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber and Amazon.

Trump Could Accept The Immigration Request

According to The International Business Times, Twitter, Google and the rest of the Internet Association also included in the letter some other policies that should be considered as priority, as reducing taxes on any profit that is derived from intellectual property, facilitate regulation on the sharing economy, and finally, to putting pressure on Europe to not build barriers that baulk U.S. companies intentions to grow in that market.

On the immigration issue, the tech giants asked Trump an expansion and improvement of the green card program, in order to create a system for technology, engineering, science and math graduates, which could increase their knowledge and gain experience in the tech companies such as Twitter, Google or Uber. Although this could be seen as one of the most difficult suggestions, considering Trump´s position on this issue, he has recently said that one of his administration´s mission will be to get the most skilled people to the U.S.

Twitter, Google And The Rest Of The Companies Wants To Have Good Relations With The Government

According to The Verge, the letter also urges Trump to support net neutrality, strong encryption and implement effective reforms on the government surveillance programs. However, these are precisely some of the priorities that could face a clash with the president, giving the fact that he has been extremely critical of net neutrality, was against Apple in the San Bernardino phone controversy, and his transition team is confirmed by two defenders of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Although Trump´s relations with Silicon Valley has been characterized by a strong hostility from both parties, this letter might represent an clear intention of tech center to get along and work together with the White House, in a time where the anti-establishment stance has taken control of the country and many other nations in Europe.

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