Tech CEO Was Fired After Online Posts About Killing Donald Trump

Matt Harrigan, founder, president and chief executive of San Francisco-based cybersecurity firm PacketSled, was forced to resign because online posts in which he said that he was going to assassinate Donald Trump. The tech CEO was so angry that the Republican get elected that he literally wrote that he would kill him with a sniper rifle.

The Tech CEO Apologized Through His Twitter Account

As might be expected, his comments went viral on the internet and were screen captured by a user, who posts them on Reddit. Of course, once the controversial statements became widespread on the internet, the tech CEO said that it was all a joke and that his posts were taking out of context. He also wrote a series of tweets in which he said that his poor judgment didn't represent the stance of the company, its customers, and its investors.

However, according to the International Business Times, the tech CEO was forced to resign on Tuesday 15 November and the company informed about his situation on its Twitter account, explaining that his resignation was accepted, and that the Board of Directors was conducting a search for a permanent replacement.

Silicon Valley Has Always Showed Its Position Against Trump

Although his comments were extremely out of the line, this is not the first time that someone of the tech world openly shows its rejection to Donald Trump. In fact, one of the most controversial moments in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was when Paypal Co-founder and Facebook´s board member, Peter Thiel, made a millionaire donation to Trump´s campaign.

This action was responded to several tweets of many Silicon Valley´s members who strongly criticize what he did. The tech center openly showed its support for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the elections, and important members as Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Jack Dorsey and Marck Zuckerberg has made strong statements against Trump, as reported by Vanity Fair. Of course, none of them has made such crazy statements as the tech CEO Matt Harrigan.

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