Soda-Streaming Refrigerator From Samsung Is In the Pipeline

Samsung has unveiled a new refrigerator that has a built-in function for streaming carbonated soda water. This innovation marks the first time a fridge has been released with such an addition to its conventional ice/water dispenser.

The 36-inch, four-door fridge uses a standard SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder embedded in its left door. The location of the automatic soda streamer allows for optimal accessibility.

Consumers seeking out a luxury item in their refrigeration choices will be able to get their hands on the literally cool home device come April. But, at $3,899 a pop, the soda-dispensing machine doesn't come cheap.

"By joining forces with SodaStream, we are able to offer our consumers something never before seen on a refrigerator and bring a new experience to the kitchen," says Kevin Dexter, senior vice president of home appliances, sales and marketing for Samsung Electronics America.

The fridge, code name RF31FMESBSR, was for reasons unknown not a part of Samsung's public display at CES 2013, despite its thirst-slaking dispensation of three soda-fizz concentrations.

RF31FMESBSR also comes equipped with a bottom-level freezer, easy-to-use FlexZone multipurpose drawer with four temperature settings, dispenser for chilled/filtered flat water and —  of course — an interior icemaker (an Ice Master capable of producing ten pounds a day).

According to WIRED's preview, the fridge's LED lights "do better at lighting things up than the dinky light on the front of my fridge, and it's better at preventing freezer burn on the frozen stuff, but ... soda!"

Headquartered in Israel, SodaStream is a century-old company whose specialized product allows users to transform ordinary tap water into carbonated soda. The product works by forcing carbonated gas (kept under pressure in a cylinder) into water without the result being fizzy seltzer.

Samsung's CES 2013 presence did include its T9000 smart fridge, which boasts a ten-inch Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen and includes apps such as Epicurious for recipes, along with Evernote for note-taking.

"The fridge, because it's the hub of the family and the kitchen, is now another access point without having to drag around your tablet or have your phone with you in the vicinity of where you're cooking or entertaining," said Warner Doell, a vice president in the home appliance division at Samsung Canada.

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