Best Twitter Pages Of 2013

With Time Magazine reporting on the best Twitter pages of 2012 last March, referencing the likes of humorist John Hodgman, Beer Advocate Magazine and busty chanteuse Dolly Parton, the question remains: Who makes the cut already in 2013?

Here now are, according to statistics daily refreshed by Twitter itself, the ten best (read: most popular) pages of 2013.

10. Kim Kardashian might be yet another in a long conga line of celebrities who are celebrities for simply being celebrities, but with nearly one million more followers than 11th place comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, there's no doubt Kim has her fans out there.

Followers: 17,379,329

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "Shoe game today."

9. Shakira may not have released an album in almost three years, but clearly someone is paying attention to this judge of "The Voice" who recently contributed the star-studded (if not often electronically manipulated) voice of her own to the Spanish language version of Russian animated film "Alice's Birthday."

Followers: 19,791,191

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "Qué pedazo de portero Valdés!! Shak."

8. YouTube is a social network of its own that allows users to produce and upload videos of their cats playing the piano free of charge. The fact that Twitter is now implementing its own video function (Vine) means we might very well be seeing YouTube's stats drop... Though we'll definitely know why.

Followers: 23,315,232

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "The Internet has now caught up with Charlize Theron in 'Monster.' Presenting Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces."

7. Britney Spears is someone the Net Generation grew up with as one of its own. She's never let us down in her wild antics, singular tonsorial machinations and adorable trailer park accent that we hope she never kicks. 

Followers: 23,913,368

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "Mommy, are dogs allowed to gamble in vegas? Gonna cash all my bones in for chips."

6. Taylor Swift could very well be the world's favorite evil angel. With a lilting voice, dove-like appearance and songs notoriously jammed-pack with scathing lyrics about her ex's, it's no wonder she's nearing the Top Five List this year.

Followers: 24,031,413

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "You never know when you might happen upon the most perfect carousel"

5. Barack Obama is the only person on the Top Ten List to not be a pop star (or a video social network). Then again, being the President of the United States and arguably the most powerful person in the Free World, he probably deserves the spot anyway.

Followers: 27,251,528

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "RT if you agree: It's time for Congress to work with the President and ensure that hard work leads to a decent living for every American."

4. Rihanna seems to get herself in the tabloids, on the news and in our faces more than just about any other bronzed young lady (or anyone else) these days. Whether she's fighting, occasionally physically, with her inexplicably popular boyfriend Chris Brown, dancing up a storm across television screens or just plain speaking her frantic mind, we know it's going to be something worth following. With the numbers to show it.

Followers: 28,346,814

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "Take off"

3. Katy Perry could easily be classified as the world's most stunning Zooey Deschanel doppelganger. But, that wouldn't really be doing the singer with a proclivity for orangutan-resembling Brit funnymen her proper due. Perhaps having more than six million man followers than her fourth place Top List compatriot is gratitude enough. 

Followers: 32,402,427

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "Grandma's first manicure. Wild!"

2. Lady Gaga sings rather strange pop songs and more times than not looks even stranger still (particularly without her layers of signature makeup/costumes). But that doesn't mean she can't rack up the Twitter love to numbers rivaling the population of certain small countries. 

Followers: 34,156,932

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "When POP sucks the tits of ART [actually her bio description, but pretty darn nifty nonetheless]."

1. Justin Bieber may have been (in)famously snubbed by this year's Grammy's, but proving once again how incredibly meaningless said awards seem to be in recent years, he's still number one in the hearts of all Twitter users. Particularly of the nearly 50,000 he gained since yesterday.

Followers: 34,521,333

Our Favorite Recent Tweet: "the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha"

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