Pokemon GO Speed Limit Update: Is Niantic Planning To Remove Or Modify Speed Limit Rule?

Many Pokemon GO players are up in arms over Niantic's decision to put a speed limit to players using a vehicle to play the game. There are some rumors though that the developer may modify if not remove the speed cap.

Niantic Recent Pokemon GO Update Include Unannounced Speed Cap

The recent major update included a lot of changes in the Pokemon GO game. However, developer Niantic failed to mention that it removed Pokestop access to any players detected moving at driving speed.

Normally, Pokemon GO players will simply confirm that they are merely passengers before they are allowed to continue. However, such was not the case when the new update took effect. Even passengers are no longer allowed to make use of the Pokestops.

Niantic Reason For Putting Pokemon GO Driving Speed Cap

While many players are outraged by the speed cap rule, it seems the developer has a reason for doing so. The rule is probably for safety concerns and to discourage people from driving and playing Pokemon GO at the same time. A number of vehicular accidents have been caused by a number of distracted drivers or pedestrians playing Pokemon GO. This recent move can be seen as a laudable effort when viewed in terms of public safety.

However, commuters and passengers are complaining that they are being discriminated by the new speed cap rule. Players riding the bus going to work or returning home contend that it's their only chance or time to stock up on Pokeballs and other items.

Niantic Adjusting Speed Limit

The good news is the developer is listening to its players, at least when it comes to the speed cap rule. A Niantic spokesperson said that the speed limit is being adjusted once again, according to Polygon. Pokemon GO players will once again have access to Pokestops even if the game detects that they are moving at driving speed.

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