2018 Honda Civic Si Update: Prototype Shows More Powerful Configuration

The Honda Civic Si is back and more powerful than ever. Enthusiasts have always been looking for a more powerful variant of the Honda Civic that has already made it to its 10th generation. Their wish is about to come true as the Japanese automaker lifted the veils on one of the muscle version of Civics that are bound for the shores of North America.

Still A Prototype

Road and Track reported that the 2018 Honda Civic Si that has recently been unveiled is still a prototype and some of the features seen like its paint may not become available when the production car hits the market. Accordingly the new Civic Si will have 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and will be available in coupe and sedan trims. It's been said that with its high-performance tires paired with cross-drilled brake rotors and limited-slip differential, this Civic Si will be the fastest of its kind although no details about its performance been revealed yet. However, it was confirmed that the 2018 Honda Civic Si will come in six-speed manual transmission.

Other Upgrades

CNET also noted that the kits shown in the prototype may not come in the production car. Features like the wings, splitters, wheels and center-mounted exhaust being optional is a likely scenario. However, it was stated in the same report that there will be other upgrades such as an active steering system, limited-slip differential and active dampers paired with a high-performance summer tires. At this point, the interior of the 2018 Honda Civic Si is the only aspect that can be considered the closest to being ready for the production.

When Will It Make It To North American Shores?

In the same report given by CNET, it was stated that the Honda Civic Si will make its debut in 2017. It was also mentioned that it may be doing so as a 2018 model by then. There are no details yet regarding the exact date of launch and what the price will be.

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