'The Incredibles' 2 News Update: Movie Already Confirmed To Be Shown Soon, Storyline Revealed

Few years back then, Disney CEO revealed that 'The Incredibles' 2 would be happening soon. Fans greatly depended on how the first movie had its ending which gave a great hint that it could have a sequel.Now, Brad Bird confirms that 'The Incredibles' is all set to have its second part.

'The Incredibles' 2 Would Focus On Its Character According To Larry Bird

According to Movie News Guide, Brad Bird had already made a masterpiece that could surpass the standard raised by the first part of 'The Incredibles'. Bird admitted that the film would greatly focus on the characters and the superpowers would just go secondary. He said, in an interview:

 "The Power themselves are not interesting, it's the people that are interesting and how they react to having those powers."

Some speculated that the kids would be shown as grown-ups in the film. How they managed and controlled their powers is a big question that would probably be answered in the second installment of the movie. Some also believed that the Parr Family would get to face a threat that could only end when they would have their superpowers combined.

Also, news reported that Dash and Violet would be distant to their parents and Jack-Jack would eventually unleash his skills and abilities.

Fans Are Excited With The Incredibles 2 Despite Having No Official Director For The Film

However, news told that the second part of 'The Incredibles' still has no official director. Fans, on the other side, still believe that the upcoming film would bring such great vibes to the viewers. Some also believed that 'The Incredibles' 2 would surpass the hit movie 'Frozen'.

Sources told that 'The Incredibles' made $633 million profit after its release. This is less compared to how much the Disney film 'Frozen' made when it was shown on theatres.

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