A Glass Of Wine Before Smoking May Prevent Short Term Vascular Damage

The benefits of drinking red wine has long been known, but recent study shows smokers may actually also benefit from it.  A report published in the American Journal of Medicine says that a glass or two of red wine before smoking can counteract some of the short-term negative effects of cigarette-smoking on blood vessels.

Viktoria Schwarz, MD, of the University of Saarland, Homburg, Germany, lead author of the study said: "However, sparse data exist on the short term potential vasoprotective effects of red wine in smoking-healthy individuals.  The aim of our study was to investigate the acute vascular effects of red wine consumption prior to 'occasional lifestyle smoking' in healthy individuals. We found evidence that preconsumption of red wine prevented most of the vascular injury caused by smoking."

Wine Reduces Genetic Aging Which Normally Accelerates After Smoking

The study investigated the effects of smoking on the blood and arteries of 20 healthy-non-smokers who volunteered to inhale from three cigarettes.  Half of the participants of the study had a drink of red wine one hour before smoking.  Researchers found out that wine prevented the release of micro-particles from arterial walls, platelets and white blood cells that is known to indicate smoking damage.  Notably, it also reduced inflammation and slowed down a genetic ageing process in cells - linked to an enzyme, telomerase - that accelerates after smoking.

Effects Of The Study May Not Apply To Chronic Smokers

The study was conducted to young, healthy non-smokers, so researchers say it is not clear whether these findings apply to the elderly, the ill, or chronic smokers.  Dr. Schwarz's team emphasized that they do not intend to motivate occasional smokers to drink or occasional drinkers to smoke. "Nevertheless, this study identified mechanisms suitable to explore damage and protection on the vasculature in humans, paving the way for future clinical studies."

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