Apple Might Consider To Launch Own Line Of Smart Glasses

By Angelie Cagay , Nov 16, 2016 04:19 PM EST

Apple is considering to launch and add another major product category to its line-up. Perhaps that could be smart glasses, a bit like Google Glass. Well, apple fans will be waiting for Apple's official statement and everyone will be looking forward to the upcoming iGlass.

Apple Might Already Be Working On Smart Glasses

Apple is currently considering the plan and has even ordered small quantities of near-eye displays for testing. Most Probably, they may also use AR (augmented reality), which would be no real surprise, according to Tim Cook on which he has discussed AR in the past, and Apple has reportedly received a company that specializes in it.

Might Come Along With Next-Gen iPhone

Don't expect to see smart glasses comes with the iPhone 8 though, as if Apple does launch them it would apparently be in 2018 at the earliest - which makes sense, as there are the likely major tech hindrances to face, to avoid a similar fate to the over price and limited Google Glass.

Google had encountered the same privacy and safety issues that Apple is currently undergoing. As rumors rounding up no one can conclude how the company can exceed the obstacles in the midst of competition.
Not that Apple is the only company working on that project, but its wearable could slot in between the basic Snapchat Spectacles and the Incredibly expensive Microsoft HoloLens, while most other tech giants seem focused on VR.

But this believes that Apple launches smart glasses at all, however, if Apple really is working on these, if Apple decides that they're not ready it could delay or postpone them all together, so let's just wait and see, don't ditch your eyeglasses yet. Apple has not released an official statement yet. Stay tuned as we update our website with the latest news every day.

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