The X-Deal: 2 Superstars From Monday Night Raw Wants To Be Traded To Smackdown Live

Daniel Bryan saying TNA on Talking Smack
Daniel Bryan saying TNA on Talking Smack Photo : GAMİNG COMPARİSON / YouTube

We are just three days away from the yearly spectacle Survivor Series and some superstars are trying to jump ship to the other brand. These superstars are not pushovers or jobbers as what they say.

State Of The WWE Universe

State of The WWE Universe is a segment where you can voice out anything and everything. With that said, the general managers and commissioners of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live squared off and started their verbal war. The debate is all about convincing WWE Universe on which brand should be considered as the strongest. Both leaders were feisty and aggressive with their approach but Smackdown Live general manager Daniel Bryan has a lot of interesting points.

Daniel Bryan Just Broke One Of The Rules In WWE

I'm not sure if this was staged or not but remember when Daniel Bryan mentioned TNA in one of his segments with WWE Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles? During the interview, you can see that AJ Styles was shocked when the former World Heavyweight Champion said TNA. Renee Young didn't react at all, however we all know that what Daniel Bryan did is a cardinal sin.

Daniel Bryan didn't stop there. The GOAT was making headlines again when he mentioned that there are two RAW guys who are ready and willing to move to the Blue Brand. Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon made their appearance last night on RAW and they received a huge ovation. At the same time, Daniel Bryan was able to talk to the two superstars who wants to be part of Smackdown live as what the insider said.

Here Are The Two Superstars Who Showed Their Interest In Moving To Smackdown

Sami Zayn

There's no secret that he is one of the most talented wrestler in any of the brands. He is are worldwide known athlete and he is very successful wherever he goes. Unfortunately, that is not the case right now for Sami Zayn. With what is happening right now with Monday Night Raw, I can't see Sami Zayn being pushed to the spotlight. Not only RAW is stacked, but they have their sights set on Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg and the WWE Universal Championship picture. Sami Zayn will take on The Miz this Sunday and if he will win, he will bring the Intercontinental title back to RAW.


Arguably the strongest athlete right now in WWE. Yes he doesn't have the same physique as the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar or Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect Champ John Cena but pound for pound he gets it done. Initially, we thought that when Cesaro was put on the fatal four way match for the WWE Universal Championship, we will see him more on the main event. But that died down and was put to the mid card for about 3 months already.

They tried to reinvent Cesaro by teaming up with his nemesis, The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. They had their share of battles in the past and they even went to a best of seven series. WWE creative thought that by teaming up this two superstars, they will emerge as a challenge to the tag team division. They were able to face the tag team champions New Day however they failed. Again, Cesaro's rise was put in limbo. But Daniel Bryan knew his talent and publicly asked when will his contract end up with Raw. Cesaro then replied and said, they can talk offline about it.

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