Home Automation Makes Life Easier For Your Pets Too

A decade of technology advances has changed life for everyone, from school teachers to CEOs. Now, a few recent advancements also are changing the lives of pets and their owners.

Several companies in the field of home automation started catering to the needs of pet owners who might not be around as much as they’d like, to help take care of their best furry friends.

The automation experts at Vivint have a whole page of ideas and products aimed at pet owners. It offers automated security systems and Web cams that pan, tilt and can be controlled or viewed from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

The systems are also able to let you know when severe weather may be occurring while you are away, or if they detect movement in or around your home, using infrared cameras. They’ll even send medical care for sick or injured animals.

Vivent and other organizations allow homeowners to adjust thermostats, unlock doors for pet sitters and keep an eye out for what may be disturbing pets throughout the day, all from a smartphone app or website.

The pet owner pitch is just one angle from which automation is changing how people live. Contributors to both Forbes.com and the Harvard Business Review have called home automation and “the Internet of things” one of the trends to keep an eye on in 2013.

Some skeptics feel all the new-fangled systems are just to separate rich, worried people or maybe some gadget-obsessed early adopters from their money. One of those is Chris McGoey, a security specialist whose industry is being violently disrupted by the advent of the cheap, ubiquitous video camera.

“Video surveillance is a rare application for most homeowners, and those who actually use the remote-viewing technology after purchasing a system are few in number once the novelty wears off,” said McGoey, told the Windsor Star. “In short, it’s an adult toy.”

Only time will tell.

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