Will There Be Any Studio Willing To Save No Man's Sky?

Following the departure of game designer Gareth Bourn from Hello Games and the ongoing circus No Man's Sky created, many players still believe that the space sim will not die anytime soon, so long as there are still quite a few who are exploring it. Despite being angered by the false promises of Hello Games, many No Man's Sky "fans" are still hoping that the game will be salvaged from disgrace. If Hello Games can't do that now, will any studio have enough courage to shoulder the game from overwhelming animosity of players?

Who Will Save No Man's Sky?

There hasn't been any word coming from any studio as to what they think of the controversy surrounding indie game developer Hello Games. If there's another company to pick No Man's Sky from the ashes, that would take a lot of courage. Internally though, game designer Gareth Bourn left Hello Games for Squadron 42 to work on Star Citizen. That move seems to imply that there's no way anyone can save No Man's Sky now.

What "Bullshot" Can Do

Despite of it all, what can "bullshot" do at this time is quite favorable in the industry. Conceded that Hello Games delivered lies, but to look at the silver lining policies have been instigated to secure the upward mobility of this industry. The latest to carry out lessons from No Man's Sky is The Game Awards. In an interview with Polygon, show host/creator Geoff Keighley said this year's event will witness "more diving deeper into games and gameplay" wherein attendees will be able to experience them for around five minutes. It can be recalled that the first footage for the game appeared during The Game Awards' inaugural show.

Previously, Steam took groundbreaking steps with new policy to prohibit the use of screenshots on its product listings that are not archetypal of the final game. Valve UI designer Alden Kroll admitted that Steam has not been "super crisp on guidelines for screenshots in the past." Valve is a game developer company that owns Steam.

Next Steps For Hello Games

As of now, it's hard to tell how far No Man's Sky can go considering Hello Games being silent about these events. Hopefully, Sean Murray and his team will be able to show up on public eye with a surprise that would be able to save the game.

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