Fallout 4 Mod Support Coming On PS4 This Week

A few months earlier, Bethesda said that it will be adding a Fallout 4 mod support. It has been a long wait for Fallout 4 fans but it is worth it as the game developer announced that it will be coming on PS4 this week.

Bethesda broke the good news just today on their Twitter account. It will be included in the latest 1.8 Fallout 4 update. Fans who are playing the game on PS4 are happy with the news since the Creation Kit has been released earlier. This means that they have a lot to play around and explore.

However, PS4 console users should take note that there is a mod file size limit just like with Skyrim. Bethesda said that it is negotiating with Sony to increase the file size limit. Originally, Sony only allowed 900 MB but increased it to 1GB. Skyrim, thus, has 1GB and most probably the same goes with the Fallout 4 mod support. Xbox One users have up to 5GB file size limit.

Bethesda also said that Fallout 4 supports Playstation 4 Pro and will render in 4K which means the game will have enhanced graphics and lighting.

Aside from the Fallout 4 mod support, the version 1.8 update has fixed some issues for both Xbox and PS4 users. These include fixes in the sound effect which do not play well when reloading in some areas; an issue in the Library and Favorite mod categories where it won't display in some situations; and an issue in some mod images that do not load correctly when you scroll it down quickly.

It also resolve the occasional crash players experience when they go back to the main menu when they want to start a new game. Another Fallout 4 crash issue was fixed where a mod has an unspecific data structure.

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