'American Horror Story' Season 7 Centers On Lady Gaga's Character? Creator Confirms Her Return?

Fans couldn’t be happier to know that “American Horror Story” is getting another season and this time it looks like Lady Gaga will be the center of the show. In one of the recent interviews with co-creator, Ryan Murphy, he reveals the next season have a lot to do with Lady Gaga’s character, Scathach. The series is known for recasting the same actors every season so it's not surprising if Lady Gaga will come back and reprise her role in the next season.

“American Horror Story” season 6 have not yet concluded but talks about the series’ upcoming season is already making a buzz online. Murphy, who has been keeping mum about season 6 and what fans should expect in the coming episodes, is surprisingly sharing hints about season 7 and how Lady Gaga’s character is connected to it.

“American Horror Story” season 7 will be titled “Freak Show” and as always will have characters from season 6 return for season 7. However, it is still unclear who among the regular cast will return. Murphy also revealed that season 7 will tackle deeper mythologies and histories and will be connected to season 4. So for fans who are up to the challenge, watching season 4 again might help decode the hints given by the series.

Another revelation Murphy gave is that season 6 to 8 are all connected to the early seasons of “American Horror Story”. “We lay a lot of pipe, and you’ll see it explode in Seasons 7 and 8.” He added. He admits the idea for the new season just came to him one day while he was deciding on a couple of ideas that just didn’t work. He said he has already called the potential cast, possibly including Lady Gaga, and there seems to be no problem as of today.

There is no confirmed date yet when season 7 will start production but it is likely that it will start after season 6 concludes.

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