Cosmic ‘Barcode’ Finally Discovered, Does It Imply Nature’s Persistence All These Times?

The Swinburne University of Technology together with the University of Cambridge have recently found that the electromagnetism that has originated from the distant galaxy was the same as that from our own planet. It was said that researchers has been considering this discovery as something that is more likely to play a significant role in finding a common and connecting reference point between everything in our never ending and varied universe. Experts regarded this breakthrough discovery as somewhat like a barcode that can be scanned and read to understand more about our cosmic surroundings.

What The 'Barcode' Tells Us

According to reports revealed by CBS News, astronomers have allegedly discovered their finding by studying a humongous black hole that emits enormously bright surroundings in large quantities of energy that can be seen behind the galaxy known as quasar.

In one of his statement, study lead author Srđan Kotuš, a Swinburne PhD candidate explains that the pattern of colors indicates how strong the electromagnetism in the galaxy is in this galaxy, and because the quasar is one of the brightest that has been known, he and his team claims that they were able to come up with the most precise measurement so far.

Electromagnetism - One Of The Four Fundamentals Of Nature 

On the other hand, Phys Org reports that co-author of the study and Swinburne's Professor Michael Murphy,has also said that electromagnetism has been able to unconsciously determine almost everything about our everyday world, like the light we receive from the Sun, how we see that light, how sound travels through the air, the size of atoms and how they interact. Additionally, experts claim that electromagnetism is one of the four known fundamental forces of Nature.

Furthermore, Murphy explains how remarkable it can be to know how distant galaxies can provide such a precise probe of such a fundamental question. He believes that with the number of larger telescopes being produced, it is with no doubt that we would be able to conduct further research to it in order to test it even better in the near future.

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