NBA Trade Rumors: 5 NBA Superstars Considered Ripe For 2017 Trading Season

NBA Stars Rumored For Trading
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Every time a regular NBA season starts, fans of the different basketball teams from across the country only have two things to feel excited about. First is the team who will make it as season champions, and second is the NBA trade rumors, hinting the fandom on the next lineup that they will support for the next season.

As for the upcoming season of 2017, the rumor tread mill has already heated up a lot with some of the biggest names in NBA like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, James Harden among others, surprisingly surfaced in recent reports. Whether these rumors have a good basis or none; whether they become factual or not is something difficult for fans to actually decipher. As of the moment, these rumors all remain as is, and the only way fans can confirm the countless theories are through the stars themselves, through their coaches, or best, from the franchise owners.

Five of the most notable names being tossed around recently as potential trade deals are listed below and whether they are believable or not, it is up to you to judge.

Golden State Warriors' Shooting Guard Klay Thompson

Obviously, this just a rumor. A lot of teams have been linked to the GSW's big man where his trade deal for Celtics had been the most hyped. The Celtics analyst, Brian Scalabrine, has made himself the most talked about personality - much more than Thompson - when he spilled a rumor that the GSW is letting go of its All-Star player. Where Scalabrine got it? Apparently he has a lot of faith on prophecies and made the person who predicted the World War II his most reliable source for his speculation.

The GSW head coach and ex-NBA star, Steve Kerr, debunked the allegations and answered Scalabrine with mockery. For the sake of those who haven't heard yet, Thompson was rumored to be traded for the Magic's Serge Ibaka or a four-player deal with the Celtics. Yet after this buzz was shut down, new rumors are coming out, again involving Thompson and Kerr has one answer to all these. Thompson is not going anywhere unless he opts to terminate his $70 million contract.

Golden State Warrior's Point Guard Stephen Curry

Curry is already confirmed to go on an unrestricted free agency in 2017. With Curry already almost available, the L.A. Lakers, the Clippers, and the Cavaliers names surfaced for teams who are wanting to grab the best shooter in the NBA history.

Although Curry expressed his desire to stay with the Warriors past his contract's expiration, there are no words yet from the representatives of the team whether they are re-signing the superstar for another contract. This then gives high hopes to several teams who wants Curry in. With his multiple NBA record-breakers, any team would definitely allot some extra cash just to board the sharp-shooter. Rumors even have it that Curry will be sent off to another team even before the next season.

Sacramento Kings; Power Forward Willie Cauley-Stein

Among those who are rumored to be traded, Cauley-Stein might be the single player I know who wishes he would be traded for other players. Recent reports have it that the 2015 lottery pick is not satisfied with the play-time given to him in every game. He is reportedly given by the Kings with only 13.8 minutes of playing inside the court per game. With Stein becoming open about his thought, the Kings are reportedly willing to moving him to other teams. However, some other reports claim that the Kings are not planning to give away Stein but will give a final decision before the February trade deadline. If he's going? That is something we cannot confirm just yet.

Philadelphia 76ers' Power Forward Nerlens Noel

Last season ended with rumors already having the name of Noel in them. There were a lot of talks claiming the 76ers is to move its Power Forward to other teams.

Noel is set to enter free agency in 2017. With Joel Embiid performing satisfactorily, fans would say a trade might just be possible. Re-signing is said to be unlikely as the team wants to focus on new talents that will bring the team better points.

Some of the teams being associated to the Noel trade are the Celtics and the Raptors. While Noel hasn't performed to his utmost yet, the player has been dominating the court as a shot blocker and rebounder.

Sacramento Kings' Center DeMarcus Cousins

The most controversial and most talked about trade deal these days is the Cousins trade. The NBA star has recently been firing off his skills inside the court and even jumped up from his spot on the Top 100 NBA Players. He was named as the fifth best player of the league which he made more emphatic when he named himself as this season's MVP.

However, despite the good standing that Cousins has this season, the Kings' minority owner Shaquille O'Neal has confirmed that a trade is something that they are considering for the center player. He revealed how Cousins is becoming immature and how he has been a liability to the franchise owners in the past years.

In fact, one Western Conference GM recently expressed his thoughts about the rumor. He also hinted on a possible trade that might already happen in December. The contract of Cousins with the Kings is yet to end in 2018 and owners are already opting to give him away than re-signing him.

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