Apple iPhone 7 Plus Reportedly Explodes After Drop Accident

The smartphone explosion incidents had been on news lately. And as of today's report, another brand of a smartphone has exploded. An Apple iPhone 7 Plus has exploded in Yunnan province, Southwest China after an accident of dropping it on the ground. As a result of the shock from the impact, the phone caught fire.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Reportedly Explodes

This is the fourth case of an iPhone 7 exploding that we know of. The other three happened as follows – during deilivery, while the owner was taking a video, and inside a car that almost burned down. While the iPhone 7 doesn't ignite as often as to suggest that it's fundamentally defective like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was, Apple must address the problem with all its seriousness.

After the iPhone hit the ground, it produces a very creepy feedback. Reportedly, the Apple smartphone emitted smoke and severe vibrations, while its display shattered and detached from the body. The extent of the damage can be seen in the photos below by Phone Arena.

What Really Happened?

According to the report, the phone was working perfectly. After the drop, the phone vibrated continuously as smoke began to pour out of the device. The battery then exploded, leaving the screen cracked and nearly detached from the phone itself.

The are insufficient details regarding the incident, including how it really occurred and whether there was a fire afterward. Based on the released pictures that are circulating among Chinese media (and maybe now all over the world) it does appear there was at least some kind of small fire, as much of the plastic internal components of the device appear to have been melted.

Even though the explosion of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus in China was not severe like what happened to Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company should still clear confusion among customers. No want to buy a phone costing more than Rs. 50,000 and then explodes afterward.


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