Xbox Project Scorpio Will Be The Most Expensive Console; Here's Why

The Xbox Project Scorpio has been touted as the most powerful console ever. But will it also be the most expensive console to hit the market? According to reports, it will cost more than the Xbox One S although its exact price remains a secret.

As those who are already familiar with the price of Xbox One S, the console starts at $300. That means, the Project Scorpio console's starting price will be around $350 or more. Xbox big boss Phil Spencer gave a reason for that in an interview saying that the target market for Project Scorpio is people who are looking for a high-end gaming experience.

He said that Xbox Project Scorpio is obviously going to cost more than the Xbox S because it is going to be a premium console. He added that the reason why they haven't revealed the exact pricing is that they want to make sure that the effort and money they are putting into build Scorpio will meet the demands of the higher-end consumer.

"For us, when we think about Scorpio, it's for a higher-end customer who demands the most they can get out of a console, and we built a console to meet that demand," he said.

He also squashed the rumors that Project Scorpio will replace the Xbox One console. He said that Xbox One will still exist and live with the other consoles in the system. He added that all the games and accessories of Xbox One will be supporting the Xbox Project Scorpio. All of these is part of Microsoft's plan to create an ecosystem where the consoles support each other while serving different kinds of customers.

Observers say that Spencer's explanation is a direct response to Michael Pachter's declaration that Xbox is getting suicidal if they price Xbox Project Scorpio over $400.

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