Did Google Go Too Far By Locking Buyers' Google Accounts Amid Pixel Phone Reselling?

The locked Google accounts first came to light when the Dans Deal Forum reported it. Apparently, several of its members are not able to access their accounts. It eventually became evident that they were all using Google Pixel phones that were commercially resold. This is in violation of the tech company's terms.

The impact on the users was definitely felt. It led others to claim that Google went too far.

What Happened To Some Google Accounts?

The Dans Deal Forum shared that some of its members are encountering an error message as they try to log in. Additionally, they also received an email that warned them to successfully appeal their suspension. Otherwise, all the data in their Google accounts will be deleted.

It was later discovered that a phone dealer in New Hampshire is the root cause of the locked accounts. Google prohibits their devices to be resold to others. Buyers were unaware of Google's terms that allow devices purchased for personal use. Furthermore, a person can give it as a gift. The term specifically mentioned that it should not be commercially resold.

Did Google Go Too Far?

Over 200 people had their Google accounts locked. The dealer revealed they have been ordering phones like the Nexus models from the tech company. They also resold those devices. This is only the time that Google has taken an action against it. There were already a few thousand Google Pixel phones ordered at a full retail price through Project Fi.

Dans Deal further reports that about 500 orders were canceled by Google. Daniel Eleff, the owner of the site, expressed that blocking access to all Google services seems to be too much. Many people are using these services. A lot of their data are stored in Google accounts. It has become useful to them in their daily lives.

What Google Should Have Done

Eleff told The Guardian that Google should have banned the buyers from future purchases. Instead, its extreme measure went too far by preventing users from accessing Google services. As of the latest, Google sent a statement to Eleff that customers with genuine accounts will have restored access. The company acknowledged many of them are relying on their services.

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