LG Optimus F7 and F5 Images Leak Online

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain is only five days away, but at the rate phone displays are leaking onto the Internet, you might almost wonder what the point is in going to the event.

In the the latest unofficial revelation, two devices in LG's upcoming F-Series smartphone line-up popped up online Wednesday morning, Feb. 20.

Claiming to deliver "Tomorrow's news, today," the Twitter account @evleaks tweeted a leaked image of LG's Optimus F7 and F5 smartphones. There's virtually no information about the phones, their specs, release date or anything else, but it's always fun when a company's big surprise is spoiled just days prior to the official announcement.

Since the Optimus F7 and F5 seem strikingly similar to past LG smartphone designs, they might not leave much of a first impression. The F7 reportedly features a larger screen display, but the sleeker F5 looks to be the nicer of the two. It could simply be the image resolution, but at this point it's hard to tell. Despite the fact that there are no specs (or even rumors of specs) to go on, it's clear that both devices will run on an Android operating system (probably Jelly Bean); all that's left to confirm is what version.

In early February, LG teased that it has big plans for the upcoming MWC, but was, of course, maddeningly vague when it came to specifics. The company released a teaser video proclaiming that "Breakthrough will be made" in order "to make a world of difference," and then threw a bunch of adjectives up onto the screen.

What exactly the F-Series will offer users to differentiate itself from the Optimus G, the L-Series, and the Vu is a mystery, but we only have to wait five more days to find out. Who knows? Even that information might leak by Friday.

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