‘One Piece’ Chapter 846 Spoilers, News And Updates: New Story Arc For Manga Series? Latest Peek On “One Piece The Movie”

"One Piece" chapter 846 unveils some big changes of events. There is also a new movie based on the manga series and a sneak peek is available here. Some spoilers indicate that Sanji will turn his back on the Straw Hat Pirates. But Luffy does not think Sanji could do this to them.

Is There A Rift Being Developed

In "One Piece" chapter 846, Sanji appeared to be turning his back against the Straw Hat Pirates. But Luffy does not want to believe this is happening. He continued to wait for the captain's return. Sanji's actions have led some fans to think that there is a rift developing between the captain and his pirates. They said this could lead to another story arc.

Is There Another Story Arc Being Introduced?

The story line of "One Piece" chapter 846 is called Totto Land Arc. It is the second arc included in the Yongko Saga which followed the Zou Arc. There are rumors that say with the sudden twists in the last chapter, there could be a new arc that will be introduced. It seems that Sanji has disowned the Straw Hat Pirates and is now willing to acknowledge the fact that he is really a Vinsmoke.

"One Piece" chapter 846 is set to be released on Nov. 21. Some spoilers of this chapter indicate that Nami and Luffy will face Big Mom's powerful army, which is headed by Bobbin. These spoilers also say that Big Mom's army will defeat the two.

The Movie Based On The Manga Will Debut In North America

In a related development, a movie based on the manga will be released soon in North America. The title of the movie is "One Piece The Movie." It is slated to be released early next year. Fans will want to watch the video below which gives a sneak peek of the movie.

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