OnePlus 3 Discontinued But It's Okay

Just a few weeks ago, news came out about OnePlus having troubles producing more OnePlus 3 units due to parts shortage. While this report hasn't exactly been given a solid proof, it turns out that OnePlus is indeed discontinuing the OnePlus 3 in Europe and in the US. Nevertheless, this isn't exactly a bad news as the company is releasing the OnePlus 3T - a better version of the OnePlus 3.

OnePlus 3T Unveiled

As per GSM Arena, the OnePlus 3T comes with a bigger battery of 3400 mAh and a new storage option of 128 GB. Its processor is the latest Snapdragon processor (Snapdragon 821) and it also has a high-res 16 MP front camera. The OnePlus 3T will get the Nougat version soon and the phone still boasts of a massive 6 GB RAM.

Nevertheless, the cost of the phone has also increased. The OnePlus 3 was just sold for $399, but the new model has increased to a few bucks more. The 64 GB OnePlus 3T has a price of $439 while the bigger variant that has 128 GB storage comes with a $479 price tag, PC Advisor reported.

OnePlus 4 Could Be Priced At $500+

With OnePlus releasing the OnePlus 3T with a $440 to $480 price range, it's safe to say that when the OnePlus 4 gets released, it would probably get a $500+ price tag. The question right now is whether or not the OnePlus phone is still a good option for people on a tight budget. While there's no argument at how powerful and budget-friendly the latest OnePlus phone still is, removing the $399 option and probably releasing a $500+ option next year will likely pose an issue for OnePlus fans.

Needless to say, OnePlus phones remain way less expensive than Apple and Samsung's flagships while maintaining the flagship features that OnePlus has always been known for. Also, the main reason why OnePlus didn't price the OnePlus 3T with the same price as the OnePlus 3 is probably to not cause outbursts from OnePlus 3 owners. Releasing a better OnePlus 3 model just months after the original one is already annoying OnePlus 3 owners. Pricing it the same would highly likely be a big issue.

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