Russian Security Firm Warns iPhone Users, Apple Syncs Your Call Logs With iCloud

iCloud, like any other cloud service platform, is useful to store valuable personal data. However, it is not completely without a flaw. If you are one who is keen on having your data safe and secure, it's not the perfect place. Russian computer security firm Elcomsoft has recently revealed that Apple automatically syncs call logs with iCloud. What's even worse is iPhone users may not be aware of it.

Call Logs In iCloud

Elcomsoft's CEO Vladimir Katalov has posted on the firm's website a warning to iPhone users. Apparently, call logs are being sent to Apple servers that include those that go back as far as four months, according to Forbes. They are stored in the iCloud even without the user's consent.

Katalov mentioned that some have expressed their dislike of this "hidden feature". There is more threat to those who use the same Apple ID on different devices.

Just How Safe Is Your Data In iCloud?

If you are a suspected criminal, Apple's iCloud will be the way for the FBI or any law enforcement to access your iPhone data. Katalov claimed that just the fact Apple is not necessarily transparent of what data are stored in the iCloud should be a concern.

Furthermore, the tech company has not disclosed what information can be demanded. He added owners will not be able to hide their calls from the government. Katalov has advised iPhone users to disable the iCloud Drive altogether. The risk of doing that losing the ability to sync data across third-party apps. This is the case when these apps need iCloud Drive to save their data.

Katalov noted that signing out of the FaceTime is not a solution. iPhone owners can disable their iCloud on one of their devices that use the same Apple ID. Though the best option is shutting off the iCloud Drive. Users won't have to worry that their iCloud Photo Library or iCloud backups will be affected.

The case of call log being synced with iOS is also applicable to other mobile operating systems like Android smartphones and Windows 10-based devices.


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