Pokemon GO Update: Check Out The Top Tracking Apps That Are Still Available On Android, iOS And PC

It seems that tracking apps for Pokemon GO are not yet dead and are very helpful. Niantic might have discouraged the use of those apps but there are several apps that are still available for the fans of the game. It might be a bad news for the developer but it surely brings good news to the players using iOS and Android.

Tracking Apps For Pokemon GO Are Still Available

No matter how much Niantic tries to stop the players of Pokemon GO from using tracking apps, it seems that it cannot kill those apps. According to Pokemon GO Informer, there are 13 recommended tracking apps for iOS and Android users.

One of the five best Pokemon GO trackers out there is PokeMap. It is highly recommended because it does not require a dummy account. It also tells the exact location of the Pokemon the player wants to catch. Another app to help players detect Pokemon is PokeAlert. However, it should be noted that the app requires a dummy account but when the player is able to provide the account, he will experience a smooth flow of the app. There are other three apps that require one up to six dummy accounts such as PokeMesh, PokeSensor and pokiiMap.

There are four tracking apps for those who are iOS users. The first app is PokeTracker that requires five up to 20 dummy accounts. The second app that is PokeSensor does not need any dummy account. Beacon GO tracking app cannot scan for nearby Pokemon everywhere but it is worth a shot. Lastly, there is Pokewhere, but a dummy account is also required.

For PC users, there are four tracking apps that can be used. The first app is Pokemon GO- DesktopMap that requires dummy account but there are moments that it is banned. If the player chooses PokemonGO Map, they will need to use another account. Pokeminer and pokemon-radar.net need different accounts as well.

 Pokemon GO Will Have A Massive December Update

According to BGR, Pokemon GO will receive an update next month. The rumored update will include Gen 2 Pokemon. Also, the update will allow Pokemon trading and support for PvP battle. There are also speculations about baby Pokemon replacing hatching eggs.

There are hearsays that Niantic might introduce a Legendary Pokemon next month. Players need to wait for the developer's very own tracking feature because it seems it will not be included in the update. The only thing sure is that the developer is not revealing any details.

Pokemon GO is very popular since it was launched. However, Niantic is determined to stay on top since players are wishing for new features of the game. The tracking apps might be helpful for the game since players will be able to find and to catch Pokemon easily.

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