Nintendo Switch To Cash In With The Growing Pokemon Hype

For the kids and teens who grew up in the 90's, they were the first to experience playing as a Pokemon catcher or trainer, whatever you may prefer. The Japanese version which was the first Pokemon game, the Pokemon Red and Green (February 27, 1996), followed by another Japanese version, Pokemon Blue (October 10, 1996), and finally after two years, the English version, Pokemon Red and Blue (Septemeber 28, 1998). At that time, only a handful of kids and teens played it in the Gameboy console. Most of the people just came to know about the Pokemon from the popular anime (its anime was really popular back then) series.

Fast forward to the future, believe it or not, Nintendo has been making many Pokemon games throughout the years , but it never came close to the popularity it's getting right now (in terms of gaming). It was only by the Pokemon GO that the Pokemon mania exploded to the mainstream and accumulated players from all walks of life. Since the big break of the Pokemon Go, mostly everyone is playing it and it has been a huge success.

Nintendo To Cash In The Pokemon Franchise

According to the Business Insider, to cash in on the steady growing popularity of the Pokemon franchise, the Pokemon Sun and Moon game will come to Nintendo's new Switch console. According to the source, the project is codenamed "Pokemon Stars." About the credibility of this information, it was reported by Eurogamer, the same source that blew the lid about the Nintendo NX (Nintendo Switch's name before it was formally announced) last summer, so there is a high chance that this could be true.

Great Things To Expect From The Pokemon Sun and Moon

First, this would be the first Pokemon game that will be released to a home console. Well, some critics may argue about this, because Nintendo switch is not really a home console alone. It is a hybrid console between the idea of it being a handheld device, phone and gaming home console. But theory aside, this will be the first Pokemon game to a home console.

Second, being it released to a home console, players will be able to see the Pokemon world in a more beautiful and engaging way. In the previous Pokemon titles, especially in the 90's, the gameplay and graphics were not that grand, but nonetheless, it was still enjoyable. However, in this upcoming Pokemon title, fans, especially those who grew up playing the Pokemon titles will be delighted to see it in a much brighter and different light.

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