How Good Is Xiaomi's Mi Mix Handset?

Android Nougat Update For Xiaomi Phones
As per the latest news, users of some Xiaomi phones can now celebrate as the company has already confirmed more of their phones that are getting the update. Photo : Youtube/Android Authority

Xiaomi turned heads when it introduced last month it's nearly bezel-less Mi Mix smartphone.

Mi Mix Overview

According to Computerworld, Xiaomi surprised the tech analysts few weeks back by unveiling its edgeless Xiaomi Mi Mix handset. Before its official launch, most of the tech experts considered it just a concept phone. But Xiaomi surprised the tech world by putting a price tag on the innovative gadget and selling it in limited quantities. 

The edgeless display on Xiaomi's Mi Mix is simply amazing. The device features an awesome design. Thanks to its ceramic rear, the smartphone has a luxurious feel. Quite unlike glass, the premium ceramic back not only gives the phone a luxurious high-end feel but it also provides a very good grip. The material is pretty hard and scratch resistant, even if the phone is not graded scratch and drop proof.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix provides as with a glimpse of the all-screen future of smartphones. Its innovative design is what most mobile devices will look like a few years from now.

CNET reports that the Mi Mix base model comes with 128GB of storage. The buttons you would usually find on the front are now onscreen and the 6.4-inch screen covers almost its entire surface.

The new Xiaomi smartphone has also a few downsides. It is sold only in limited quantities and only available for purchase in China. It is also most expensive smartphone yet coming from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

The base model model costs 3,499 yuan or around $510. A premium model with 18-carat gold embossing, 256 GB of onboard storage and 6 GB 0f RAM sells for 3,999 yuan, which is roughly $590.

Taking selfies can be awkward with its pretty average camera. There are also some other weaknesses and omissions. The Mi Mix comes with only one speaker for playing music and video. For calls, the phone's body vibrates to deliver sound.

Mi Mix's Best Features

Xiaomi's Mi Mix features an incredible beautiful edgeless display. This is by far the new smartphone's best feature. When you hold the Mi Mix in your hand and watch the 6.4-inch screen come to life you can't help but feel amazed by the whole idea of a magical bezel-less phone.

Even if you are not really a fan of big-screen phones, you'll strangely find yourself learning to like the Mi Mix. Its screen is still pretty big, but somehow it doesn't feel big compared to its cousin, the Mi Max.

, which is bigger in size thanks to its bezels. The palm rejection system on the Mix is a lot better too, which means you don't tap as many things by accident.

An edge-to-edge screen means your palms are almost always touching the display, but you don't tap as many things by accident, despite that. This is due to the palm rejection system on the Mix, a great feature, particularly compared with other phones that don't properly implement this.

While at 7.37 ounces (209 grams) the Mi Mix is a little on the heavy side, the device feels perfectly balanced in your hand. You will be even able to use it one handed at times.

The latest Xiaomi smartphone lacks bezels at the sides and top, but on the bottom you'll find a 5-megapizel selfie camera and a chin. Like most Chinese mobile devices, the Mi Mix is powered by Android, more exactly a heavily customized Xiaomi version of Android 6.0 called MIUI, with features taken from both Google's software and iOS.

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