Here Is A Trick That Lets You Access Locked Apple iPhones

Hackers can now bypass any Apple iPhone security and open the smartphone even without inputting the passcode. The access can be on photographs, contacts and address books on devices with, according to a report. A series of YouTube videos are pointing out a flaw that could allow users to access photos on an iPhone without entering a passcode. This requires physical access to the device, and Siri on the lock screen needs to be enabled.

Access Any Apple iPhone

According to Gizmodo, the process is also fairly convoluted. Although one staffer was able to make this work on an iPhone 6, I was not able to reproduce the bug on an iPhone 6S, an iPhone 7 Plus, or an iPad Pro. However, the YouTube channel iDeviceHelp posted this video earlier this week walks through all the steps, and sure enough, it looks like they’re able to break into the phone.

Following further investigation by iPhone users, it turns out that, with proper timing, this exploit works on any iPhone running iOS 8.0 or later. However, for the trick to work, the iPhone needs to have Siri enabled on the lock screen, as Apple's virtual assistant is a critical piece of the exploit chain. Also, hackers need physical access to the iPhone, as reported by Phone Arena.

Here Is A Trick That Lets You Access Locked Apple iPhones

As dictated by Christina Warren, a legit reported here is the trick you might want to follow to unlocked aniPhone.

First, you need to call the phone you want to gain access to. If you don’t know the number, you can ask Siri 'Who am I?' to get it. Then, from the incoming call screen, choose the 'Message' option and choose 'Custom.' That opens up a screen to reply to the call with a message.

After that, enable Voice Over mode, by asking “Turn on Voice Over” to Siri. This will enable an accessibility feature that will read out items on the screen.

Next, you need to double tap on the recipient filed on the message, while also tapping on a random key on the keyboard. This should open up a field on the SMS that will then let you search through contacts already on the phone. You’ll know you’ve gotten the bug to work when you see the tools pop up next to the compose message box.

Pressing on an icon next to a contact, it should show details about the contact, which will then allow the user to create a new contact. This is where the exploit becomes really useful. Tapping on the new contact button, a user can opt to add in a photo and doing that will allow access to all the photos on a camera roll.


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