Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Specs Comparison: Which Black Friday Deal Is More Worthwhile

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Specs Comparison: Which Black Friday Deal Is More Worthwhile
If there was a time to purchase a gaming console, that time is during Black Friday. But with all the available deals out there, which unit reigns supreme - Microsoft’s Xbox One or Sony’s PlayStation 4? Photo : Kevin Kenson/YouTube

In the gaming world, there are two particular consoles that duke it out in terms of power, features and design - the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And while there are stellar pieces of technology, they are a little heavy on the wallet - even after the unit itself is purchased. Which is why Black Friday provides the perfect opportunity to get on the gaming bandwagon.

There are multiple deals available for the PS4 and Xbox One for this year's Black Friday. The deals can save interested buyers a significant amount of money. What's great as well is that these two consoles and their games are not dated items, even if Sony and Microsoft have announced more recent offerings.

As C|Net notes, Best Buy is offering the PS4 Slim with 500GB of memory for the price of US$350. This includes a wireless controller and copies of "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End," "Ratchet & Clank" and "The Last Of Us Remastered." The deal will save buyers as much as US$90 and also includes a wireless controller.

Meanwhile, Costco is offering the same PS4 Slim unit with a copy of "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" for US$280. And while it does not include any other games, the deal does come with two wireless controllers instead of one. All in all, one will save US$70 with the purchase.

Following the "Uncharted 4" train, GameStop is also offering the game with a purchase of the PlayStation 4 with 500GB of memory. For US$250, the deal also includes either "Ratchet & Clank" or "The Last Of Us Remastered." It includes a wireless controller as well and is US$70 off its regular price.

Meanwhile, the 500GB Xbox One S is available in a US$250 bundle from Best Buy. The deal comes with a wireless controller and "Minecraft Favorites," which includes some of the best and most popular "Minecraft" titles. The entire deal will save buyers US$50.

Costco, on the other hand, will offer a 1TB Xbox One S, including a stand and two wireless controllers for US$400. The discounted price is US$50 less than standard and includes a special edition copy of "Battlefield 1." Note that this deal is only available online.

GameStop is also providing consumers a chance to get the 500GB Xbox One S for US$250. A copy of "Gears Of War" and a wireless controller is included in the bundle. At the end of the purchase, buyers will save about US$50.

However, there is more to consider than just the prices, savings and games that come with the bundle. The specifications of the units, in particular, really define what deals are good ones and are worth diving into. But it really all depends on preference in the end.

The Xbox One S has as noted by Digital Trends, a 1.75GHz AMD Jaguar eight-core CPU and 1.4 T-FLOPS, 12 compute units at 914MHz GPU. It also has various AV output options, including HDMI 1.4 in/out, 4K and 1080p support, Optical output, 4K video upscaling and HDR support. The entire unit comes at 16.9 x 11.5 x 4.5 inches.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 Slim has an Eight-core X86 AMD Jaguar CPU and a 1.84 T-FLOPS, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next Engine GPU. For AV output, it offers ports for HDMI 1.4, Analog-AV out. The dimensions of the unit are 10 x 11 x 1.5 inches.

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