Niantic Brews Thanksgiving Event For Pokemon GO; More Leaked Details Here

Pokémon GO latest update reveals Niantic is now brewing in the pipeline the Thanksgiving event for the AR game. According to the latest information data mined from the new 0.47.1 APK, interesting details are up for Pokémon GO trainers.

Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Event

Niantic has just dropped a major teaser for the Thanksgiving event for Pokémon GO that's slated to kick in just days before Nov. 24. According to Pokémon GO Hub, "something's bigger" is coming for the game for the Thanksgiving as "three new sponsors for Pokémon GO Pokéstops" have been dug out.

The 0.47.1 APK revealed this code: Sponsor.MCDONALDS.POKEMON_STORE.TOHO.SOFTBANK.GLOBE.SPATULA.THERMOMETER.KNIFE. The terms "spatula," "thermometer," and "knife" are usually used in preparing for the Thanksgiving which can be suggestive of the forthcoming event. For many Pokémon GO fans, it is not new that Niantic is dropping clues using codes and players and data miners had always been right with all its guesses in the past.

Patch Notes For 0.47.1 APK

The patch notes for 0.47.1 APK revealed that tapping a nearby Pokémon will pop up a message, while Pokéstops could have a greater Speedlock and its animation will become more responsive. Apart from those, tapping compass will make a sound effect while glitches involving egg hatching and other minor issues will be fixed.

Why Niantic Would Not Throw Thanksgiving Event

On the other hand, there had already been reports debunking the possibility of Thanksgiving event on Pokémon GO. For one, in less than a month, Niantic rolled out three major events for the game-the Halloween event, Daily Bonuses, and the Lapras event. Other than that, Pokémon GO's predecessor Ingress never had this similar event which implied that Thanksgiving is not really Niantic's strategy. Overall though, trainers should keep their hopes up as Niantic must have a ton of surprises up its sleeve.

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