Fiat Chrysler Cars To Be Sold Online Through Amazon Italy

The Italian automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has partnered with US e-commerce giant Amazon. FCA cars will be sold online through Amazon's Italian website. It will only be limited to three models. However, these cars will be offered 30 percent cheaper than other dealerships.

FCA Cars Now Available For Online Purchase In

Buyers in Italy have options among Fiat Panda, the 500 and the 500L. FCA decided to offer the Panda online since it is Italy's biggest selling car. Meanwhile, the 500 and the 500L will try to appeal to those who are young and adventurous. They simply have to visit and purchase their choice there.

Amazon will then contact the buyers to decide on their dealer. It's up to the customers where they want to finalize their purchase ad pick up the car, according to Reuters. Apparently, it will take within two weeks for the vehicle to be prepared.

This strategy is a compromise to a research that discovered half of Italians would buy a vehicle online. Though 97 percent still preferred to pick the car at a traditional dealer. This was mentioned by FCA Italy's Gianluca Italia. He also said in an online press conference that it will be a new, more efficient and transparent way to choose a new vehicle.

FCA's Partnership With Amazon

Amazon is big in the e-commerce industry. It's about time for FCA to capitalize on that. Italia revealed that the partnership with Amazon will help them with buyers who are looking for deals from their own home. He added that there will be up to 33 percent improvement in existing promotions for online customers.

According to the Business Insider, FCA can achieve its goal of $1.2 trillion auto sales. As for Amazon, this is not a surprising move. The company is also looking to expand its market by selling cars on its site. Their car browsing site Amazon Vehicles is already a hint of that venture. It should also be noted that Amazon has also teamed up with Hyundai.

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