'Pokémon Sun And Moon' Anime To Air On Disney XD In US; English-Dubbed Trailer Released

"Pokémon Sun And Moon" anime series will soon hit the US with an English-dubbed version set to air on Disney XD. A trailer has been released recently, adding to international fans' anticipation.

Following the release of "Pokémon Sun And Moon" anime in Japan on Thursday, November 18, an English-dubbed version of the series is expected to follow as announced by The Pokémon Company. According to reports, "Pokémon Sun And Moon" is set to air on Disney XD in the U.S. The network is scheduled to air the first two episodes on December 5 alongside "Pokémon The Movie: Volcanion And The Mechanical Marvel."

Aside from "Pokémon Sun And Moon" anime series, Disney XD and its platforms also acquired rights to air the past 19 seasons of the "Pokémon" anime, as well as 15 movies. This is in line with a multi-year distribution deal between the two companies.

Currently, the "Pokémon" anime airs on Disney XD in Europe while "Pokémon XY & Z" already premiered in the U.S. on Cartoon Network last February 20. So far, international fans' reception on the said series is quite positive.

Meanwhile, the official YouTube channel of the franchise recently released an English-dubbed trailer for "Pokémon Sun And Moon," a second trailer for "Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel," and a trailer for the Disney XD premiere.

"Pokémon Sun And Moon" will follow Ash's journey as a student in a whole new location, the Alola region. Fans can expect to meet new characters and Pokémon as well as new battle techniques such as the Z-Moves. Z-Moves are a new technique introduced in the "Pokémon" games wherein each Pokémon will be able to upgrade one of their moves using the Z-Stone.

"Pokémon Sun And Moon" also has a video game and manga version that fans can enjoy. For now, check out the English-dubbed video of the series for Disney XD below.

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