Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Catch Tapu Koko?

Pokemon Sun and Moon was just released but players are ready to capture every single legendary Pokemon in Alola. One of the legendary Pokemon players are wishing to capture is Tapu Koko. It is one of the newest monsters to watch out for.

How To Capture Tapu Koko In Pokemon Sun And Moon?

In a report on Just Push Start, Tapu Koko is a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, players are trying to figure out how to catch it ever since their first encounter with the creature. It is located in the first region of Alola. 

The player can capture Tapu Koko later in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Once the player becomes a champion, he can now catch the mysterious creature. Lillie will instruct him to go to the Ruins of Conflict to celebrate his accomplishment.

When the player is already in the Ruins, Lillie will ask him to make a wish on the pedestal. Tapu Koko that is on level 60 will challenge him to a fight. The player must be careful because he can defeat the Pokemon instead of capturing it. He can still battle with it again after he defeated the Elite Four. He must not forget to have enough Pokeballs because it can be quite difficult to catch it.

How To Capture Other Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon Sun And Moon?

According to iDIgital Times, Pokemon Sun and Moon will have many legendary Pokemon compared to other Pokemon games. The most known creatures are Lunala and Solgaleo, which are the first monsters that any player can catch in the game. But the player will not have both because one of the creature's availability will depend on the version of the game.

Next, there is Cosmog who is the pre-evolution form of either Lunala or Solgaleo. This Pokemon will enable the player to complete the game and be a champion. To capture this creature, he needs to pass a portal at the Altar of Sunne. However, the portal is only open during the day at Moon and at night at Sun. Then, the player needs to go to the Lake of The Moon and go to the top of the platform.

There are other Legendary and Mythical creatures in the game to maintain the level of excitement of players. Pokemon Sun and Moon has new tricks to pull off and to entice its players besides this creatures in the game.

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